What's Next for Young Conservatives?: NeW National Conference What's Next for Young Conservatives?: NeW National Conference

SCOTUS: EPA, You ‘Unreasonably’ Interpreted The Clean Air Act SCOTUS: EPA, You ‘Unreasonably’ Interpreted The Clean Air Act

Priest Reportedly Spat on at NYC Pride Parade Priest Reportedly Spat on at NYC Pride Parade

Ron Paul Ron Paul: Obamacare's Best Allies: The Courts and the Republicans

By ruling for the government in the case of King v. Burwell, the Supreme Court once again tied itself into rhetorical and logical knots to defend Obamacare. In King, the court disregarded Obamacare's clear language regarding eligibility for federal health care subsides, on the grounds that enforcing the statute as written would cause havoc in the marketplace. The court found that Congress could not have intended this result and that the court needed to uphold Congress's mythical intention and ignore Obamacare's actual language.

Katie Kieffer Katie Kieffer: If Rihanna Open Carries Her Guns, So Can You

Black pop star Rihanna wins awards and makes millions for wearing guns in public while everyday black Americans risk losing their jobs if they dare to exercise their 2nd Amendment right.

Ken Blackwell Ken Blackwell: Time For A Principled Policy On Iran

Almost 30 years ago, when the US was negotiating with the Soviet Union about intermediate-range nuclear weapons, President Ronald Reagan was told that the Russians like to talk in proverbs.

Bethany Blankley Bethany Blankley: Marriage Policies in America Similar to Communist China

Its astounding to review the requirements to be legally married in America. Even more astounding is the reality that Americans, and especially Christians, comply with them.

Terry Paulson Terry Paulson: Not the Land of Opportunity?

Welcome to the state of political correctness run amuck! In training initiated by UC president Janet Napolitano, provides new guidelines for the 200,000-student University of California system faculty.

Rachel Alexander Rachel Alexander: Time for Conservatives to go on the Offensive in the Framing Wars

The left has figured out how to successfully push through its agenda by using one simple tactic: demonizing the right.

Paul Greenberg Paul Greenberg: History as a Detective Story

A great history is both complete and to be continued, like a great house with many wings, door after door opened to the light at last. A great historian not only explores history, but his work makes history.

Michael Hammond Michael Hammond: Seven Ways the GOP has Guaranteed Hillary’s Election—And Seven Ways to Stop it

Once again, the dim-witted trio of Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and John Roberts have been outsmarted by Barack Obama.

Kristan Hawkins Kristan Hawkins: Unpaid Internships Are Worth it: Suck it Up Millennials

A die-hard Hillary Clinton supporter a young, female Millennial recently applied to be a fellow with the campaign and was accepted. However, she was asked to move out of state and work for free.

D.W. Wilber D.W. Wilber: Bye-Bye Second Amendment

Now that the Obama Administration has two wins under their belt with the recent Supreme Court decisions on ObamaCare and Gay Marriage, look for the president and his allies in the Democrat Party and the anti-gun activists to be emboldened, and attempt to capitalize on the Courts willingness to legislate from the bench.

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